Wedding dress rental

Never had the chance to wear a wedding dress? Want to relive your wedding day in a paradise of flowers? Want to renew your vows?

We offer a large choice of dresses (no suits, unfortunately!) to rent. Please contact us directly for rates. Our garden full of roses is perfect for a wedding album!

We do not have a professional photographer or a camera on site. Please let us know in advance if you should require one.

Rose bath

Guests can relax in a dream rose bath.
The roses are grown in the Ritz Garden around the pension!
* Only available if the roses are in bloom, please contact us for reservations.

(Fee: 5000 yen)

Electric bicycle rental

You can relax and enjoy the Four Season Hills in Biei on an electric bicycle. Four electric bicycles are available for rental. (Rental fee: 1200 yen for 2 hours, 100 yen for each additional 10 minutes)

Tree Tent

For the budget traveler, we offer a suspended tent that can fit up to three people. Experience the nature of Hokkaido up close in the evening. The refreshing breeze cools you in summer. 5000 yen/night per person.


On clear evenings, gaze out from the pension to see a night sky filled with stars. A telescope is also available for close-up stargazing.

Forest swing

Newly added this year. Enjoy swinging surrounded by big trees.
* Please mind your children.

Wild vegetable foraging

You can forage a large variety of wild vegetables when they are in season,
such as tarambo, udo, warabi, yomogi, and more.
You can enjoy picking them and cooking them in a meal.


You can harvest and eat fruits from our garden,
such as strawberries, tomatoes, grapes and apples!

Winter Season

Biei is a delight in winter as well, especially at the pension where one can take part in a variety of winter activities.

Winter Barbecue

During the winter you can also rent the barbecue to eat and share a moment together.
The fees are :

-5000¥ for the barbecue set

-1000¥ for charcoal

-3000¥ for the barbecue cleaning (you can do it yourself if you prefer and it will be free of charge)


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