Wedding dress rental

Never had the chance to wear a wedding dress? Want to relive your wedding day in a paradise of flowers? Want to renew your vows?

We offer a large choice of dresses (no suits, unfortunately!) to rent. Please contact us directly for rates. Our garden full of roses is perfect for a wedding album!

We do not have a professional photographer or a camera on site. Please let us know in advance if you should require one.

Rose bath

Guests can relax in a dream rose bath.
The roses are grown in the Ritz Garden around the pension!
* Only available if the roses are in bloom, please contact us for reservations.

(Fee: 5000 yen)

Electric bicycle rental

You can relax and enjoy the Four Season Hills in Biei on an electric bicycle. Four electric bicycles are available for rental. (Rental fee: 1200 yen for 2 hours, 100 yen for each additional 10 minutes)

Tree Tent

For the budget traveler, we offer a suspended tent that can fit up to three people. Experience the nature of Hokkaido up close in the evening. The refreshing breeze cools you in summer. 5000 yen/night per person.


On clear evenings, gaze out from the pension to see a night sky filled with stars. A telescope is also available for close-up stargazing.

Forest swing

Newly added this year. Enjoy swinging surrounded by big trees.
* Please mind your children.

Wild vegetable foraging

You can forage a large variety of wild vegetables when they are in season,
such as tarambo, udo, warabi, yomogi, and more.
You can enjoy picking them and cooking them in a meal.



You can harvest and eat fruits from our garden,
such as strawberries, tomatoes, grapes and apples!

Winter Season

Biei is a delight in winter as well, especially at the pension where one can take part in a variety of winter activities.

Around NIJI

Biei Shikisai no Oka

Hokkaido Biei’s Shikisai no Oka will blossom from late April to late October. Contemplate flowers such as tulips, pansies, poppies, goldfish grass, lupines and sunflowers bloom. July, August and September are the best time to see the whole hill dyed with bright colored stripes!

Shirogane Blue Pond

This man-made pond became blue by accident. Originally made for mudslides control, aluminium from nearby volcano slipped into the water, turning it blue! A must see only 20 minutes from the pension.

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